2011 NY Times Travel Show

I can't tell you how many people questioned my desire to attend the New York Times Travel Show. "Why go if you aren't a travel agent." " All the way to New York for just that?" When will my family/friends learn that Meredith does as Meredith please? So this blog post is dedicated to all the people who travel just b/c they want to. Press play to get an idea of what goes on at the show.

5 things I took away from the NYTTS:

  1. South Carolina was NOT represented. I may work to change this.
  2. Even though I'm not looking to gain profit, I need to create a brand when it pertains to my traveling b/c I never know where it may lead.
  3. Snobs exsist in the travel world too.
  4. I want to watch Eat.Pray.Love ( Done and loved it!)
  5. I've added Curacao to my Wanderlust Wanderlist.
Thanks for watching and reading.
Happy Travels.
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2 Responses
  1. Michele Says:

    So why don't you become a travel agent?! You do well enough for it right here on your blog!! :-) I think you would ROCK!

  2. Unknown Says:

    "Snobs exsist in the travel world too."

    Yes they do!
    We are getting a ton of support for our blog.
    However, although we have been featured on a few travel blogs we are getting snubbed in that world right now.

    Love your blog

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