February 13th: Say Cheese!

Today was my first full day in Japan. Early this morning we took a stroll along Tokyo Bay! After Babysis went to work, I prepared for a photo shoot. Hey! I'm spending the next two weeks with entertainers and performers..so when you are among them, do as they do.Right?? Here are a few of them. James did an amazing job.He was so much fun!

Later I met my cousin at the metro station and we headed out for dinner in Ginza. The wind was crazy. Now in Japan, restaurants put plastic food out front along side the menu so you know what they offer. We finally decided on a tempura place. They didn't have an English menu so we just took a chance, pointed and waited patiently for our mystery meal. It ended up being lovely and ALOT of food. Whole shrimp(head included), salmon, another fish, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, rice, miso soup, sake, and beer. Next, was a bit of shopping. Beyonce' is EVERYWHERE! She is the spokesperson for Samantha Thavasa a line of Japanese designer handbags. It's 11pm and I am T-I-R-E-D!

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Why Japan? Why not.

Keith suggested I write an entry about why I am headed to Japan. This way readers can have an idea of what to expect when they come across my blog. Most people assume it is for work[they clearly don't know where I work :-) ] or I am visiting someone who is in the military. I was bit by the travel bug in 1998. I was an exchange student @ Hayes Manor School located in Middlesex England. I absolutely loved it and made it a life goal to see as much as the world as I possibly could. In college there were a few domestic trips and Christmas 2007 was spent in Kingston. In Summer 2008 after many prayers and preparation[and auditions] my cousin Babysister was offered a job with Disney Tokyo and invited me to visit. I will admit Asia was on my travel list, but not at the top. However, I'd be a flat out fool to pass up an opportunity such as this. With the blessings of my family [and my wonderful boss]I renewed my passport and booked a flight for Tokyo! Over all I am excited, but I get excited about everything. In UK and Kingston I blended in as long as I didn't speak too much, but in Japan..I am a traveler for sure. I am looking forward to it all. The food, the music, the people, the temples and the best part is sharing this experience with family!
10 days til takeoff!


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