::Tip #1:: Pre-printed Clear Mailing Lables

I read this in Budget Travel a while back and thought, " Duh, why didn't I think of this sooner ?" Being a fan of the lost art of letter writing, I'll still add a personal message by hand, but this has proven to be a true time saver and foolproof way to make sure everyone back home gets a post card.
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:: Kingston 2007::

(standing) Me and my travel partner
(Seated) Vicki, our unofficial tour guide and David

I have bitter sweet memories of my time in Kingston. In those 4 days, I got a crash course in Male Ego 101 ***side eye***, gained a new respect for Bob Marley, realized that as random as I can be, I am not a haphazard traveler; I like to have some type of plan, and that everyone has a story worth listening to.
If you are looking for smiling faces and coconut shells, Kingston AIN'T it! It's grimy, it's loud, it's aggressive and it's unapologetic, but that's what makes it worthwhile. David and Vicky were a couple we met in our hotel lobby. They were visiting from the US as well. Press Play!

After returning to the states, we kept in contact with the David and Vicky. We even discussed taking a trip to San Francisco to hang out. We never made. A few weeks after receiving this email, tragedy struck and David and Vicky made their transition. ____________________________________________________________________
Miss you, Meridith!
I was just thinking about your sweet voice, and that awesome little accent... I hope you are well.
David and I are fine here in SF, working life through:))) Send me line, i want to know you're doing fine.
Thank You!!!!!


Love, like any other addiction, can kill you!

Thanks for reading,



The Knutsford Court Hotel

Devon House

Bob Marley Museam

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::Passport Day 2010::

Saturday, March 27, 2010 is Passport Day in the USA.

Here is the
from the US Department of State

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:: All about Latin America::

This year is all about Latin America. In 75 days I ( along with 100 other young professionals) will be headed to cavort, carouse and frolic along the majestic beaches of Rep├║blica Dominicana (Dominican Republic). What makes this trip extra special is that I'm going with my cousin, Jo. Even though we were reared as siblings, she is 3 years older. When you are 9 and 12 or 13 and 16, hanging out together is not an option, but now that we are both G.A.W. , we have more in common. At times she thinks she my momma, but I kinda like it. Shhhhh, don't tell her!
The second vacation is to Miami, Key West and Mexico. This trip is going to be a little different than the other one. One of my travel companions was born shortly after Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as our 32nd president and the other was born BEFORE that.
Enough said!
First order of business, SHOPPING! According to U. S. Postal Service, my new swim suit arrives today. I've had the same suit since high school. Clearly, it was the wrong size then or is the wrong size now! Either way it was NOT going on this trip!
I need to make a list and reduce it by half. I over pack! I will admit that, but I blame Girl Scouts of America and that "Be prepared" motto!
Where are you going this summer?

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::Yes, another TV show::

photo courtesy of www.vh1.com

So Jessica Simpson has a reality TV show coming out this month called, The Price of Beauty.

She will be traveling around the world looking at the definition of beauty in various cultures. I love the concept, but it is the host I am a little concerned about. JS has a voice on her. Love to hear her sing, ♪♪ La-La-La♪♪ HOWEVER, it will be her delivery that will determine if this show will be a HIT or a HOT MESS!

Tune in and tell me what you think,


P.S. I am not trying to sound vain, but I've seen some stills from the show and My Geisha Makeover looks better than hers :-)~

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:: Preparing for my next trip::

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::New York Times Travel Show::

....I missed it, AGAIN! Ever since becoming aware of its existence, I've been super geeked about going. This year it was last weekend, Feb. 26-28th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. From what I've been hearing, it was awesome...but come on, 150 countries in one room, ready to magnetize you with anecdotes and adventures of their homeland, Calgon take me way! And don't forget meeting my favorite travel journalist.

photo courtesy of www.exploringmonkey.com
::Side note:: I'd like to put in a personal request for Dhani Jones please.
Thank you!
I've already requested the presence of my crony. I know she'd enjoy a weekend in NYC. Since the days are all me, she can plan our evenings.

Hope to see you there.
Thanks for reading and Happy Travels,


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