Ivy & Pearls: Kenya 2012

I adore my sorority!

Heifer International
Kenya: AKA Study Tour
June 24 - 30, 2012
Heifer Logo

Kenya TourThe Heifer International Study Tours Program is pleased to offer a special Study Tour to Kenya in June 2012.

Charles Stewart, long-time board chairman of Heifer, will lead this tour that will explore in-depth Heifer’s approach to sustainable development in Kenya. Stewart, who has traveled extensively with Heifer, will offer his unique perspective on Heifer’s approach of providing livestock and training to developing communities. The tour will be an intensive educational experience that will introduce participants to Heifer’s various beneficiaries from the Maasai people, to children orphaned by AIDS and to women who are bettering their lives through a dairy goat project. These project visits facilitated by country staff will provide a better understanding and appreciation of Heifer’s work and the strategy of Passing on the Gift.

The Heifer Kenya: AKA Study Tour will begin in Nairobi at the Heifer Country Office with an orientation to Heifer’s work and the issues of hunger, poverty and environmental degradation. The tour will also include trips to cultural sites such as game parks before departing Nairobi to spend several days visiting communities where Heifer works.

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Lake Lure, North Carolina 2011

One year ago today, I started a new job. If you don't remember how excited I was Click Here. I thought my traveling days were over for a while. Little did I know. The week I started, I hit the floor running and I absolutely love it! Within the last year my job has taken me to Baltimore twice, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Lake Lure, NC. I have neglected to keep my blog updated, but my goal is to bring it up to date before I take off again in a couple of weeks.
Lake Lure was the location of our department retreat. For three days we analyzed & strategized in a cozy house in the mountains. It was a challenge getting there. Not because of directions, but because Volkswagon Jetta's were not built to climb the side of a mountain. Upon our arrival we were notified that a Bobcat had just given birth and not to go hiking alone or after dark. No Problem!

Since I've waited so long, I can't remember every detail of the property or all the history of Lake Lure. However, if you ever visit, the Lake Tour is worth it.

It usually takes a lot to impress me, but a few houses managed to do the trick. One family has sand flown in from the Panama for their private beach. Another house, excuse me castle, was built for a daughter as a wedding gift, but she wasn't pleased. * blank stare* So she simply moved back into her childhood home across the lake. That's that Arab Money! <-----S/O to Busta Rhymes fans! Please click the link to Urban Dictionary for more information on Arab Money!

Even though our days started early and ended late into the night, I had a lovely time. I would recommend Lake Lure for almost any occasion- a low key friends get-a-away, couples retreat, or families with children. Not ideal for a large family reunion or if you are looking for an active nightlife. It's also perfect for a road trip, unless you are prone to motion sickness.

Laying on a beach/lake with a view of the mountains, who would not enjoy that? Photo courtesy of Google Images

Lake Lure was the location for the
HGTV Dream Home contest in 2006. The contestant won a furnished home.

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Shen Yun 2012

" The truth will break open the gates of delusion."

Buying tickets to Shen Yun was the result of a tenebrous mood and this condition called Chronic Wanderlust.

The fact that 5,000yrs of Chinese culture has been passed down and retained blows me away. My cousin and I are in the process of planning a family reunion and getting just 100yrs of family history has been a bit of a challenge.

Overall, the show was spectacularly satisfying. There were 22 different scenes lasting a little under 2.5hours. Each one told a different story. Sadness, love, courage, humor, and loyalty were all depicted through impeccable synchronization.
Recording of any kind was strictly prohibited. I am infamous for breaking that rule, but since my purpose was to escape, I decided to put the camera away and have a complete Shen Yun experience.

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