::Outback Safari::

Today was the Outback Safari Tour. It really wasn't a safari, but it was loads of fun!
This was our driver Louis.

The vegetation was my favorite part of the tour.
This tree has history behind it, but I lost my notes.

First stop on the tour. Escuela Primaria

I have not seen a chalk board in YEARS.
I think I was in the 6th grade when dry erase boards became popular.

I am glad they like the goodie bags.

People in the US pay top dollar for a view like this.

Next stop. Coffee/Cocoa Bean Plantation
This is Billy!

Billy again

I think he was following me.

The history behind the drink varies; but one fact is consistant,
Mamajuana is a must when visiting Dominican Republic.

Guess what this is??

Still don't know?

On the left is the Cocoa Bean pod and the right is the final product.
The first two photos were of the actual raw cocoa beans.
The white milky film taste of warm pear.
An albino horse

Mccao Beach
A public beach in Punta Cana.
Kids love a photo op.

An experiment. I took this one thru my sun glasses.

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Cigar Factory::Puff.Puff.Pass::

La Aurora Official Website

Tobacco leaf

The flavor of a cigar depends on its width, length, and the unique blend of leaves.

This bad boy was $90USD.

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::Booze Cruise/White Party::

I was expecting something a little different, but nevertheless it was fun.

The only down side to the Booze Cruise is there was plenty of booze, but no food. We didn't have peanuts or "tea and eat cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off"( Trivia: What movie is that quote from?). However,

this chick was prepared! Luckily, no one got sick.

I thought this was pretty neat.

Press Play.

::Sand and Sunshine::

June 6, 2010
This year I was invited to join the Young Black Professionals travel group on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. The best way to describe the week, was enlightening. With everything going on around me, I was mentally in the "Mzone" doing my own thing. What Joel Olsteen says every Sunday, I also do when I go on vacation {especially one like this}, "....My mind is alert; my heart is receptive; I will never be the same." That's the point of a resort right, to relax and rejuvenate?

The Punta Cana Airport

Welcome Home

Excluding Tuesday and Sunday, the four full days in DR were already planned. 2 days of doing absolutely nothing and 2 days of excursions.

This is our room. Most of the reviews on trip advisor were accurate.
This was an all inclusive resort for less that $150/night, so I basically got what I paid for.
First up Sand and Sunshine! On these days, time held no value. The only time restraint was the pool closing at 7 pm. All day, I frolicked, napped, read, ate and listen to Amel Larrieux-Weary, Cee-Lo–Language of Love, and Melanie Fiona–Teach Him .

If you are at work, adjust the volume before pressing play.

Thanks for reading and watching. Do leave a comment.


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::Read this::

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::10 things I ♥ about my trip to Dominincan Republic::

10. Meeting all the newly weds. New love is so sweet!

9. Being told I'm beautiful, a "Fly Chica" or a "Mami Chula" every day!

8. The jokes! It was pure comedy all week!

7. Being cured of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. :-)

6. The men! Dominican(and Hatian) men are beautiful.

5. All Inclusive Resort is fab! Golden Pineapples from Sun up to Sun up.

4.Time was not of the essence. (Unless it was time to eat!)

3. People watching with my sunglasses on.

2. The art. I wanted to buy everything.

1. Praying on the beach. It's like the waves come in, collect my concerns and carry them off the God.

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:: All Eyes on South Africa::

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