No summer travels...

because I finally got a new job!
So it is well worth the wait.
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2011 NY Times Travel Show

I can't tell you how many people questioned my desire to attend the New York Times Travel Show. "Why go if you aren't a travel agent." " All the way to New York for just that?" When will my family/friends learn that Meredith does as Meredith please? So this blog post is dedicated to all the people who travel just b/c they want to. Press play to get an idea of what goes on at the show.

5 things I took away from the NYTTS:

  1. South Carolina was NOT represented. I may work to change this.
  2. Even though I'm not looking to gain profit, I need to create a brand when it pertains to my traveling b/c I never know where it may lead.
  3. Snobs exsist in the travel world too.
  4. I want to watch Eat.Pray.Love ( Done and loved it!)
  5. I've added Curacao to my Wanderlust Wanderlist.
Thanks for watching and reading.
Happy Travels.
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NYC2011: What didn't we eat?

The thing about New York is, it's the entire world in one city. On any given day and at almost any given moment you can order German, Koren or Hawaiian Fast Food. Any craving can be satisfied and culinary inquiry can be address. During our trip we ate...a lot. Here is a video of a few places that tickled the taste buds.

It was featured on the Food Network. The decor was industrial; very simple. Reminded me of Chipole. Pretty neat place.
Twitter: @dogmaticnyc

Pommes Frites
I read about it on a food blog. Small, but how much room do you need to enjoy a french fry?
Twitter: @PommesFritesNy

Lime Jungle
Spotted it coming back from the travel show.
Twitter: @LimeJungle
*Warning the website music is LOUD!!!!**

It had the best atmosphere of all. Very busy, but very intimate.
Twitter: @Emporionyc

Little Cupcake Bakeshop (Prince Street)
All the pink just jumped about at me from the darkness. The staff was friendly. I hate that I didn't get a cupcake. They were out of Pink Shirts and don't sell the online.
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NY Times Travel Show 2011: "Sam, my friend!"

The title of this blog came from a story Samantha Brown told during her seminar. The gist of the story was about one of her worst days on the road. Two little girls on roller skates in China learned 3 simple words and it reminded her why she does what she does.

When I read she was going to be at the travel show, it was all I could talk about. Sunday morning, I cut brunch short with my family flew from Harlem to the Jacob Javits Center and with 2 mins to spare settled into a seat to hear my travel icon. I always knew I wanted to travel, but the various Samantha Brown series inspired me to create my own travel style.

Here are a few quotes from her presentation that sparked some type of resonance within: