July 16th (Part II): Emperial Nation.SI Ferry and Cheese Corn

Thursday evening we made our way to Soho. The World was having a social so we decided to stop by and do a bit of shopping. Emperial Nation is NYC's best kept secret, but I'm about to tell it! It is the hottest urban wear around. Looking for something unique, head over and ask for Gregory!

After a few drinks and a bit of shopping its time to eat! During my research on NYC, I stumbled across a place called Cafe Habana. It is one of those little places that's not listed in the travel books. One way in. Same way out, always crowded. They are known for their Mexican style grilled corn topped with cheese, lime and chili powder.

I was a little disappointed b/c I thought the cheese was hot and melted, but it was Cotija cheese. A hard cow's milk cheese that originated from Mexico. It texture was similar to grated Parmesan cheese, but it was still good!

Last stop of the night was the Staten Island Ferry. Thank God for local family with a car b/c our feet were throbbing. Ironically, she has lived in NY all her life and has never been on the ferry. The SI Ferry is free and gives you a great view of the city. On the trip back when you are approaching the dock it looks like we are floating into the building. I could have rode back and forth just listening to the water. My photos were horrible and blurry and my digital binoculars won't sync to my desktop, so NO PHOTOS!

Thanks for reading! Good Night!

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July 16th (Part I): Greenwich Village

Today was our first full day in NYC. After breakfast{ a yummy, fresh carrot, pineapple, celery juice} we were off to see the city! First stop, Greenwich Village to Strands Bookstore. 18 miles of books, books and more books. Monya was in heaven! Top floor had first editions that were pretty pricey. No photos were allowed b/c some of the books are extremely valuable and fragile.

Next, we took a moment out to say thank you for safe travel { among countless other things} for prayer at Grace Church. The stain glass was beautiful.

Who can resist cream puffs from Beard Papa?

After taking a bit of goofing off a bit in Aldos,we headed over to Washington Square Park and Wall Street.

Next stop..The World!

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July 15th: Welcome to New York

After a year of planning this it is. From take off to touch down my trip to New York was an adventure. Our shuttle dropped up in front of Grand Central Station and less that 100ft away stood our home for the next 6 day. Grand Hyatt New York. You can't get any better than that. After checking it and grabbing dinner at Chirping Chicken, we took a stroll around the block and what did we see...Paparazzi! The red carpet event was in honor of Nelson Mandela.

(left to right) Karolina Kurkova , random journalist, Akon, Keisha Whitaker

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