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Another great article!!!

via Budget Travel

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Article: 10 Most Useful Travel Websites

via Budget Travel

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“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.” William B. Yeates

The nicest blogpost ever!

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11 Black Women Inspiring Us to Travel « Clutch Magazine

11 Black Women Inspiring Us to Travel « Clutch Magazine
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I've heard, when you uncover your passion you discover your purpose

I just signed up for travel writing class!

Signe Pike

November 21, 7-9 pm

TRAVEL WRITING In her memoir Faery Tale, Signe Pike brings readers along with her on a journey that took her from New York City to Mexico, Scotland to Ireland and beyond. This two hour workshop will focus on the art of travel writing. Pike will discuss her own experience in writing about her travels, how can we take our transformative experiences on the road and best present them to a broader audience, as well as examine what tricks writers can use to make good travel writing even better.

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Miami 2011: World Erotic Art Museum

A trip to Miami Beach would not be complete without a little culture. There are several museums in Miami. I decided to visit the World Erotic Art Museum. In the Museum of Sex, I could take as many pictures as I wanted. At the WEAM they were prohibited, except for the floor to ceiling gold phallus. I think that one restriction is a reflection of their level of sophistication surrounding a topic that can go from educational and interesting to lewd and lascivious really quickly. I did take advantage of both photo-ops, however I just can’t seem to bring myself to post anything. Even the one of just my backpack resting on a shiny pair of larger than life size testicles is still enough to make you blush.

The Naomi Wilzing Collection includes:

· Items from various time periods. Including 300AD

· Female Cantaur sculptures ( these freaked me out a bit)

· Bibical Art

· Water Colors by Peter Fendi

· Shunga

· One piece described as” Woman sitting before 11 miniature, “spent” and escaping Japanese men.” From the 1900 (Think the infamous Lil Kim pose. )

· Some of Frida’s work

· 1930 Pinups

· Surrealism

· Of course a photos and quotes from Ms. Monroe herself,” I feel that beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived and glamour can’t be manufactured. Real glamour is based in femininity. Sexuality is attractive when it is natural and spontaneous. We all are born sexual creatures, thank God, but it is a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”

· A sculpted ceramic phallus covered in Swarovski crystals; AND

· So much more.

The collage above is of the rug at the entrance, a layout of the museum, and of the infamous Kama Sutra bed. The bed was created by a German artist. He carved 138 positions from the Kama Sutra into each side. Including the 4 phallus bed post. That photos is courtesy of

" I consider erotica an authentic art form whose time has come, and a captivating means to enhance and enlighten one’s own perception of life. I am really pleased to share my erotica collection with you, which until now had remained private. The WEAM is the realization of my dream and publicly acknowledged the harmony of mankind in its most natural state. Enjoy.” ( Miss. Naomi)

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Spartanburg International Festival 2011: Europe's Nordic Region

Spartanburg International Festival 2011

Saturday, October 1

11 am to 7 pm

Barnet Park, Downtown Spartanburg

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Puerto Rican Cultural Night - Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Culture Guide

Puerto Rican Cultural Night - Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Culture Guide
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Free MySpace Animations!
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Sassy Southern Adventures: The Bucket List

Work has kept me super busy. Good thing is it has also kept me traveling. Lake Lure.Baltimore.Charlotte.Miami. A little behind, but in the mean time check our this new blog!

Super excited about my new Divas of Departure. Our first adventure isn't until next month, but go ahead and subscribe so you'll be the first to know!

Sassy Southern Adventures: The Bucket List: Sassy Southern Adventures is here! I must admit I am very excited about this new journey with my girls I am about to embark on. Four succe...
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Back in Feb. I posted an entry about traveling being on hold due to getting a new job. Boy was a wrong. I've been to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Lake Lure and Baltimore twice. Even though they are work related trips, I still managed to get in a bit of site seeing during our down time. Entries on Baltimore and Lake Lure to come.

Thanks for reading,

*image courtesy of The Black Traveler
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Young Black Professionals Escape 2012

Ocho Rios, Jamaica
ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios
May 29 - June 3, 2012

Jr. Suite Ocean View - $805/person based on dbl occupancy (50 rooms available)
Jr. Suite Garden View - $785/person based on dbl occupancy (25 rooms available)
*Single occupancy (+$300/person) and triple occupany (-$30/person) rooms available

What's included?
- 5 nights accomodations in a Jr. Suite located in the Deluxe Wing of the RIU Ocho Rios
(currently $865 and $900 for Garden View and Ocean View Jr. Suites, respectively)
- 24-hour all inclusive service including access to 7 themed restaurants, 6 bars
- Private transfers between Sangster International Airport/Montego Bay (a $100 value)
- YBP Escape Welcome Beach Party with live music
- YBP Escape All White Booze Cruise (a $75 value)
- YBP Exclusive entertainment (working on a private Comedy show for us!)
Although airfare is not included, we will be offering discounted group airfare from Atlanta, Boston and possibly New York and Los Angeles. Since airfare for the dates of the trip are not yet for sale, please stay tuned for group airfare details and pricing.

Who's invited?
YBPs (Young Black Professionals) and friends.
Over the past 5 years, more than 250 YBPs have experienced YBP Escape as we have traveled to destinations such as Costa Rica, Cancun, Turks & Caicos, St. Thomas and more. In an effort to keep the personal feel, we are limiting this years trip to 75 rooms (~150 YBPs)

When are payments due?
Jr. Suite Ocean View - 4 payments of $201.25
Jr. Suite Garden View - 4 payments of $196.25
*Payments are due August 15, October 15 (2011), January 15 and April 15 (2012)

More info will be available on in the upcoming weeks.
Please be patient as we are working to bring you a more interactive, informative, website. When construction is complete, we will send out an official email blast and deposits will be due August 15, 2011. In the meantime, feel free to spread the word and forward this email to your friends using the 'forward to a friend' link below.

Thanks and hope to see you in Jamaica May 29-June 3, 2012!!!

Saundra Q.
YBP Escape Organizer

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It's a challenge

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The Escape Issue

"....Let's lose our bearings and set out for what we can't see over the horizon. Let's misplace Monday-morning lives and lose track of time. Let's plan a dozen vacations (whether we take them or not) and daydream about a ticket on the next jet to Destination Unknown. Let's disappear from Facebook, Twitter and texting- delicious life will take their places. And will we really miss them or be missed?" (Quote taken from skirt! The May 2011 Issue/The Escape Issue. )

This is an image taken from
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Support my Soror: Green in Guatemala

I am tickeld pink to share this link with you all. A young lady I met in grad school, who later became my soror , is headed to Guatemala. Soror Shantrice joined the Peace Corps and will be of service to all man kind for 2 years. Looking forward to reading her blog.

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No summer travels...

because I finally got a new job!
So it is well worth the wait.
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2011 NY Times Travel Show

I can't tell you how many people questioned my desire to attend the New York Times Travel Show. "Why go if you aren't a travel agent." " All the way to New York for just that?" When will my family/friends learn that Meredith does as Meredith please? So this blog post is dedicated to all the people who travel just b/c they want to. Press play to get an idea of what goes on at the show.

5 things I took away from the NYTTS:

  1. South Carolina was NOT represented. I may work to change this.
  2. Even though I'm not looking to gain profit, I need to create a brand when it pertains to my traveling b/c I never know where it may lead.
  3. Snobs exsist in the travel world too.
  4. I want to watch Eat.Pray.Love ( Done and loved it!)
  5. I've added Curacao to my Wanderlust Wanderlist.
Thanks for watching and reading.
Happy Travels.
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NYC2011: What didn't we eat?

The thing about New York is, it's the entire world in one city. On any given day and at almost any given moment you can order German, Koren or Hawaiian Fast Food. Any craving can be satisfied and culinary inquiry can be address. During our trip we ate...a lot. Here is a video of a few places that tickled the taste buds.

It was featured on the Food Network. The decor was industrial; very simple. Reminded me of Chipole. Pretty neat place.
Twitter: @dogmaticnyc

Pommes Frites
I read about it on a food blog. Small, but how much room do you need to enjoy a french fry?
Twitter: @PommesFritesNy

Lime Jungle
Spotted it coming back from the travel show.
Twitter: @LimeJungle
*Warning the website music is LOUD!!!!**

It had the best atmosphere of all. Very busy, but very intimate.
Twitter: @Emporionyc

Little Cupcake Bakeshop (Prince Street)
All the pink just jumped about at me from the darkness. The staff was friendly. I hate that I didn't get a cupcake. They were out of Pink Shirts and don't sell the online.
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NY Times Travel Show 2011: "Sam, my friend!"

The title of this blog came from a story Samantha Brown told during her seminar. The gist of the story was about one of her worst days on the road. Two little girls on roller skates in China learned 3 simple words and it reminded her why she does what she does.

When I read she was going to be at the travel show, it was all I could talk about. Sunday morning, I cut brunch short with my family flew from Harlem to the Jacob Javits Center and with 2 mins to spare settled into a seat to hear my travel icon. I always knew I wanted to travel, but the various Samantha Brown series inspired me to create my own travel style.

Here are a few quotes from her presentation that sparked some type of resonance within:

....counting down til i take off!

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Soulful Escapes Ski/Board Trip

This landed in my inbox. Wanted to share.
Have an awesome day,

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What are your travel plans for the year?
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