"Television is chewing gum for the eyes!" Frank Lloyd Wright

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According to some academicians and [great] philosophers, TV is a useless invention that has disabled our ability to create independent or creative thoughts. Oh well! I enjoy watching TV. My is DVR is 80% full of Oprah, independent and period films, Law and Order, Keeping up with the Kardashians and a heap of travel shows!

From the dry humor and somewhat seductive swagger of Anthony Bourdain to the child-like lisp and simple frankness of Man Shops Globe's Keith Johnson, I enjoy travel shows. Who can resist the charming, bow-tie wearing, globe-trekking, line-backing Dhani Jones of Dhani Tackles the Globe or the effervescent personality of the fashionable Samantha Brown?

As a shopper, a foodie and a lover of photography, I use these shows to gain insight on finding the best places to score quirky souvenirs, support family-owned restaurants, enjoy regional chains, or watch the sunset! I actually tried a dish seen on No Reservations while in Kyoto and it was great {Thanks Tony!}

Travel shows aren’t limited to the Travel Channel. I found a number of shows on other networks. Of course, they may vary depending on cable provider and location, but there are out there. Some shows are a bit monotonous and lack stimulation, while others are both entertaining and informative. My all time favorite series was 5 Takes. I think I liked the roughness of it. Some hosts get access to 18-star hotels and exclusive restaurants, which is cool. Clearly for a young budget-traveler like me that is purely entertainment, but I still try to digest something and use what Ive seen to think of ways to make my travel experience unique.

So if you are up late at night or tired of watching whack reality TV, try a travel show. Around the world is only a click away!

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Rick Steves
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3 Responses
  1. ha! "18-star hotels" -- you make me laugh talford.

    ...and people who don't like television have clearly yet to experience 1080p, i'm just sayin.

  2. Rowsbelle Says:

    Great post!
    My favorite travel show is Rick Steves, because he's so prolific. So glad you brought up "5 Takes". My sister worshiped that show. Plus, it's where I first learned about blogs & blogging, so I'm eternally grateful.
    I'm having a hard time relating to females on travel shows. The worst shows are the ones where they take a blond, only give her enough budget to buy bikinis, liquor, and suntan oil, then unleash her unto beaches and jungles to dance to techno-music and sit by the pool.
    I'd love a network to do a female-focused take on global travel. It would be cool to see a "Carrie Bradshaw/cast of "Girl Friends"-type shop, sight-see and eat around the world.
    Maybe you, Mer?

  3. Meredith Says:

    Speak it honey! From your lips to Gods ears! My show would be called " Girl, bye!' Just kidding! Seriously, thanks for the feed back!

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