Hot Topic: Flying with children

May 26, 2010
This article makes me think of my childhood. My mom didn't allow me to misbehave at home, so in public there was the same expectation. Now I wasn't an angel. There was the time I practiced my gymnastics in Sears at South Park and ended up in the emergency room and that one time I decided to jump rope on the bed with a necktie. I can't forget the time I ripped off hundred of tags on random articles of clothing in a department store to play cashier with at home. So as a non parent, on the issue of flying with children, I am torn.
For the most part, *parents know their kids, but children are unpredictable. I've been on a plane, where a 10month old was in complete chill mode from take off to touch down, but I have also witnessed my mom SHUT IT DOWN on Amtrak when a child (and the parent) was being disruptive. The reality is, even though your child is the center of the universe at home, on a crowded plane there is minimal compassion.
By Christopher Elliott, Tribune Media Services

What do you think?

* I didn't just make this up. I have a degree in social work and know a little something about human behavior.
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  1. Michele Says:

    I think as long as the parents are trying then we can sympatize with them. If the parents are completely oblivious to their children's misbehavior should be yanked right out of their seats and locked in the bathroom with them for the whole flight! ROFL! Oh did I say that?!?!?! lol My child knows that it is totally unacceptable to even THINK of misbehaving on a flight! He loves to fly so I never have to worry about him, but he knows he won't be flying again if he acts like that!

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