::Happy Belated Birthday::

My 29th Birthday was a few weeks ago .I spent it at home with my mommy, Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins.
That is NOT our normal tablecloth. LOL
It rained like crazy, so the BBQ came inside.
I I can't believe I was ever this little.

I still will give you the **blank stare** if necessary.

Yes, one of my nicknames is, " Head".

The End.

Thanks for reading my blog,

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3 Responses
  1. kimvan Says:

    I know what you mean. Today I turned 31 and the years have flown. I have no regrets though. I wish you an excellent year. Be blessed.

  2. Michele Says:

    Happy birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  3. Eve Says:

    Happy belated Birthday Meredith! You were such a cute little baby, big head and all :D And you're a beautiful young lady. I remember 29, I coundn't wait for 30. Now I can't wait for 40 :D

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