Farewell Japan!

February 26th: Today was my last day in Japan. I was determined to see the Tsukiji Fish Market..so once again, I got up at 4:30am. Hoped a cab and 2 trains went to the market.

Things looked alot differnt than yesterday.It was busy! As I got closer and closer i could hear the commotion, but still didn't smell anything. Manuvering my way through ws tricky. Its a tourist spot, but is built for business. First thing watch out for the fok lift drivers they WILL NOT STOP FOR YOU!.Once I got in started walking around it was fun. I am glad I got up for this. It freaked me out a bit b/c there was SO much and they fish almost everyday! That is alot of fish. Round trip was about 2 hours.

Its time to go home
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  1. amazing--this brings back so many memories of when i lived in okinawa, japan when i was growing up--
    1. my non-traditional embelli would be acid free newspaper and cardboard
    2. homemade flowers
    3. yellow
    4. i'm a forgiver {but i dont forget}

    thnx for stopping by my blog!!!

  2. and yes, i know i'm year late commenting on this---RRROOOFFFLLLL!!

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