The Magic of Disney

February 16th: Today was the first of two trips to Tokyo Disney Sea. I was excited about seeing Mattilyn doing what she does best...entertain the people. Ian (my tour guide for the day) and I got to the show a little late so we were seated in the balcony. You know I was NOT supposed to have a camera, but I’m Meredith and breaking the rules is a habit. It paid off b/c I captured some nice footage of her performance. Her mom is going to be ecstatic. More about Big Band Beat on the Feb 23rd entry.

Next, Ian and I headed to see Mystic Rhythm. It was an amazing show. My footage does not do it justice. Afterwards we channeled our inner child and played for a while.

After dinner at Planet Hollywood and I called it a night. Tomorrow…we leave for OSAKA!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Merdi,

    I am really enjoying your trip and the experience. You really captured alot, Im sitting here smiling looking at you enjoy your I'll be back to see more when you post it!


  2. MissMatt Says:

    I love it!!!
    thanks for your suppport girl

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